Pino Gelato Bistro


We are temporarily closed. We are actively seeking a new location. We will be bringing our authentic gelato to you soon. Thanks to all of our great customers for being very supportive of Carol and me. Local business owners Ron and Carol Harris have established a partnership with Hilton-Head based Pino Gelato to bring the unique taste of Gelato to central Ohio.

Gelato, meaning “ice cream” in Italian,is essentially made with milk. Pino Gelato’s authentic recipe uses the freshest ingredients with no artificial flavorings or added chemicals to make its gelato and sorbetto. Blended with care, our gelato is rich and full of flavor, yet is much lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than traditional American ice cream. Pino Gelato is proud to offer a product that has a wholesome and distinct flavor that only genuine gelato can provide.

"Gelato is a healthy alternative to ice cream since it is 93% to 95% fat free without compromising the taste,” explains Pino Gelato owner Ramona Fantini. “Gelato contains less air than regular ice cream; which makes it denser and more tasteful. There are many flavors to choose from to enjoy a guilt-free pleasure!”

Along with gelato, the Pino Gelato Bistro offers pastries, coffee, specialty drinks and a new item...”pizza in a cone”.

About Pino Gelato

Pino Gelato is welcoming Pino Gelato Bistro as the newest addition to its family. Based in Hilton Head, SC since 2004, Pino Gelato started licensing in 2007 and is now serving gelato in the Charlotte Airport (2 locations in Terminal B), NC, Bluffton, SC and Chattanooga, TN, Knoxville, TN, Fairfax, VA and Pittsburg, PA.

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